Why Negative Ion Bracelets A Big Hit In America

By | April 16, 2019

On which hand to wear a fitness bracelet and how to choose the right size? If you still do not know, then this note is for you.The straps for smart bracelets and fitness trackers are made of hypoallergenic silicone, so you can wear gadgets around the clock. Two types of straps, 19 and 24 cm, with a large number of fixing holes conveniently fit on a hand of any size. Thongs of 19 cm are suitable for people with a thin wrist, including children. You should also be aware of the things like do negative ions bracelets works.

If you doubt what size suits you, you can measure your wrist with a centimeter tape or thread, wrapping it around your wrist and then attaching it to the ruler.

It is advisable to wear a bracelet on the “non-leading” hand. This means that right-handers should wear a fitness tracker on their left hand and left-handers on their right. So activity data are considered more accurate.

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The strap together with the capsule weighs only 23 grams, so you will not have to get used to the bracelet for a long time, rather quickly its presence on the hand becomes imperceptible. And the choice of 6 color straps in combination with colorful clasps will allow you to create a bright stylish look.

One of the most popular and beautiful jewelry for the male is considered a bracelet. It can be absolutely anything like classic gold or silver, woven, knitted plastic or fabric. There are a lot of bracelet options today, the choice of the right one depends entirely on the taste and style of its future owner. Some absolutely do not think about the hand on which the man’s bracelet is worn. To others, this question is of fundamental importance. Let’s deal with the hand on which it is customary to wear jewelry to men.

On which hand is it customary to wear a bracelet for men?

Today’s fashion is so free that there are no specific rules on which side to wear jewelry to men. This applies to both bracelets and rings and earrings. However, most men wear a bracelet on the right hand. What is the reason?

Watch and bracelet

Surprisingly, in our age of high achievements and new technologies, offering users a wide range of gadgets and devices that allow you to determine the time, wrist watches have not lost their popularity. Moreover, this accessory, made with high quality and expensive, is able to emphasize the style of its owner, taste and status.

That is why men’s watches are so popular among the representatives of the strong half of humanity. They are considered a valuable gift not only for her beloved husband, but also for her father, brother, and even colleagues.

To wear a bracelet in combination with a wristwatch must be correctly. So it is accepted that the majority of right-handers wear a watch on their left handthis is more convenient, because a massive accessory does not interfere during work or food. In this case, the decoration must be worn on the other handright. This is not an argument because some are more comfortable and more comfortable to wear a watch on their right hand. It all depends entirely on the convenience and desires of men.

Is it worth it to combine a chain with a watch on one hand? Come to this question more thoughtfully. If you already wanted to combine two accessories on one hand, the jewelry should be combined or complement each other. If a man combines a massive watch with a bracelet on one hand, then the latter should be thin and elegant design.

It is worth noting that massive jewelry will not look aesthetically pleasing on men’s hands. On the contrary, to emphasize strength and independence, thin men’s accessories will help to pay attention to beautiful strong hands.

Today, by the way, it is fashionable to combine watches with hippie-style bracelets on thin leather straps, which differ little from each other. Experiment with styles, you may like something new and modern.

What bracelets to prefer?

With the help of a bracelet, a man is able to complement his image, bring interesting touches into it, and emphasize originality, attractiveness and strength. Applying the effect of contrasta thin bracelet on a strong male handits owner will favorably emphasize his sexuality.

That is why men are more thin jewelry. Prefer accessories made from the following materials:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Bones
  • Skin
  • Tree

Men should avoid lightweight jewelry, as well as bracelets made from:

  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Alloys
  • Glass

In this regard, girls have a much wider choice, because absolutely any jewelry will look on women’s hands: from thin delicate chains to massive and numerous bracelets. The main rule in the combination of accessoriesdo not wears silver chains with gold. You can successfully combine other materials based on your taste. Women, as well as men, prefer to wear accessories on their right hand.

There are several reasons for this:

As a rule, women often carry handbags on the right hand, and a bracelet is picked up under it, creating a set. In both women and men, the right hand is more active than the left, it is often in sight, and a beautiful and expensive accessory is exactly what you want to flaunt.

As you know, the type of decoration can determine the nature of its owner, style and features. For example, a gold chain will be chosen by a confident person and trying to be first in everything. The silver jewelry will be to the taste of a rational and stable person, in whose life there are few surprises. A woven or fabric accessory will be chosen by a creative and romantic person who prefers surprises and passionate emotions. A wood ornament will be worn by a courageous and strong man who pays special attention to his style and appearance. The combination of jewelry from different materials on one hand will be enjoyed by a bold and risky nature.

Combining jewelry, you should take into account one rule: observe the measure and sense of style. Then the accessories will look great and complement your image, no matter what hand they are wearing.