10 phrases to say to your kids to inspire confidence10 phrases to say to your kids to inspire confidence

Moms are the hearts and souls of families. They do a million things and more. They are real superheroes.

My mom did so much for me growing up and still does. But more powerful than any one single thing she did is the internal voice she sewed deep inside of me. It continues to replay in my mind every single day.

It began as her voice but has become my own, and it is my super power. She planted confidence within me and helped me build a strong sense of self, all with her amazing words.

This is what she said:

1 | “You are beautiful”

She said this mostly when I did something kind, made good decisions, or showed independence and strength of character. She also said this when I was sweaty, dirty, messy, and working hard. She taught me that true beauty lies inside and in my positive actions, not my appearance.

2 | “You will be a great mom”

I remember hearing this throughout my life. It wasn’t like she was priming me to have children, but she saw something in me then that I draw on now every single day of my adult life. I have felt run down, exhausted, worried, and unsure of what to do at times, but I have never doubted myself as a good mom.

3 | “I am so sorry you feel that way”

My mom always wanted to know my feelings. Even when she didn’t know why, or couldn’t understand why, she always offered empathy. Empathy breeds empathy, and we know that it’s one of the most important skills for children to learn in order to have successful and positive relationships in life. And positive relationships build confidence.

4 | “What do you want to do?”

My mom never told me what to do. When she seemed to think that I might be wandering astray or about to make a not-so-awesome choice, she showed me her trust and confidence instead of challenging or controlling me. She made my thoughts and feelings important by asking me about them.

5 | “You’ll do the right thing”

When trying to figure out what to do, my mom also told me that she trusted me to figure it out. Decisions are so important for self-esteem, and my mom never second-guessed mine. She let me be in charge of myself. She was there to catch me when I fell and was always on my side.

6 | “Invite your friends over”

My friends were always welcome at our house. Friends would come over even when I wasn’t home because they knew my mom would invite them in and offer them a snack. Through this open-door policy, she taught me not to worry about the tiny details of how clean your house may be or how fancy your meal. You just welcome people.

7 | “I’m praying for you”

My mom had a rosary attached to her fingers while I was growing up and still does. She didn’t offer a quick sentiment. She really prayed for me. She prayed for my boyfriends, she prayed for my friends, she prayed for my friend’s friends, their parents, and their extended families. She taught me to pray for my children, which has given me great peace. It has given my children an increased sense of peace and security as well.

8 | “I love you”

Of course, all moms say this. My mom said it all the time. If there were better things she could have said to let me know how she felt about me, she would have. But my mom said “I love you” like it was the absolute tops, and even still, it seemed just a little too inadequate for all her actual love for me.

9 | “You go have fun”

When I was a kid, there was always fun, play, and laughter. My grown-up heart seeks those things out when life gets big and heavy. My mom still says this to me when I drop my kids off, for a sleepover at her house. So they can have fun, watching their favorite sports, reading stories and sleeping together in her new comfy mattress. She shoves me out the door and tells me not to worry about a thing.

Then she wants to know all the fun things I did while she took care of my kids. She gets joy out of my joy. In this simple way, she tells me that I am not a burden; I am a joy. My kids are a joy. It makes my heart swell, like I really am doing a good job.

10 | I am so proud of you

What a gift to grow up hearing that someone was proud of me, no matter what. I grew up believing that I could be proud of myself. And I am.

Thanks, Mom

10 Ways to Be a More Confident Mom10 Ways to Be a More Confident Mom

Slow down. When you rush, things fall apart. Lower your expectations of what you can do and how fast you can do it, and everyone will be happy.

Being a mom is largely a self-confidence game. I know this firsthand; my new baby tested my wits constantly, just when I needed them most. But the more confident I became, the less stressed I felt, the calmer my daughter was, the better the nursing flowed … and the smoother things went at home, the park, the store.

Remember, however, that being unsure isn’t all bad. “If uncertain feelings are creeping in, you’re taking your job as mom with a lot of responsibility,” says Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles.

“By recognizing the paramount effect you have for shaping your child’s personality, self-esteem and physical well-being, you’re taking the first step to being a great mom.”

Your baby already thinks you’re top-notch. Our guide will help you believe it, too.

1. Act like a baby-care pro.

To be more self-confident, begin by acting like it. Your baby will feel safer, calmer and happier as a result, and soon assuredness won’t be a guise as you get the hang of cleaning the umbilical cord, giving your baby a bath or maneuvering a wobbly little head through a shirt opening.

“Take a cue from kindergarten teachers,” says Frances Xavier, M.D., a pediatrician at Gateway Medical Group in Anaheim, Calif. “Speak lower and slower to calm you both down.”

2. Don’t cave in to bad advice.

“She needs cereal,” my parents and in-laws said every time my newborn daughter fussed. By six weeks, I was so dazed from nighttime nursing and pressured by their certainty I was starving my daughter with breast milk that I almost gave her some rice cereal. But I decided to double-check with her pediatrician and, sure enough, their advice was 30 years outdated.

Don’t relent when barraged with advice from people who act as if they know more than you do.

3. Overcome bad mommy syndrome.

All moms feel inadequate at some point. “As Jonny was learning to sit up, I would sit with him constantly to make sure he didn’t fall and hit his head,” says Rebecca Zysk, 31, of Apopka, Fla. “One day I moved for one second to get a burp cloth, and down he went. I felt terrible.”

When you feel the guilt coming on, follow these guidelines: First, put your offense in perspective. Did you lock him in the closet, leave him in a hot, parked car? Of course not. Second, remind your too-critical inner voice that all kids—even babies—get hurt sometimes. Third, make a change that will prevent the problem—and guilt—next time. (Propping your baby in a U-shaped nursing pillow may prevent future falls.) Finally, put the incident where it belongs: in the past.

4. Lose the audience.

When your baby is hard to calm, find a place to work it out in private. Not only will this get your child out of a stimulating environment, but it will also protect you from unsolicited advice. If relatives try to follow you, go into the bathroom and shut the door. (Even the nosiest know-it-alls won’t follow you there!) Then turn on the fan—the white noise may do the trick.

5. Be decisive.

Tune into your gut feelings to make decisions quickly and confidently. Start small (regular or lavender baby wash?) and work up. Quickly “try on” your decision before finalizing.

“See how you feel—relieved or rubbed the wrong way—and listen to yourself,” says Debra Condren, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York. Once you choose, move on without second-guessing. “Keep reminding yourself: I’m top-dog expert here.”

6. Take notes.

You may know the answers to all the pediatrician’s questions, from your baby’s age to her highest temperature, before you walked into his office, but suddenly you can barely remember your child’s name. Research shows that people under acute stress have difficulty retaining information in their short-term memories. So bring notes to every appointment with your pediatrician and jot down the doctor’s instructions while you’re there.

7. Don’t hide your emotions.

It’s understandable to lose your calm after your baby has been on a crying jag for three hours or your toddler is throwing a tantrum. The surprise is, sometimes it’s good for your baby to see you upset, as long as it’s justified and doesn’t happen too often. As she grows, your child will look to you to learn how to handle emotions. When she sees you sad, scared, mad or frustrated, say what you’re thinking: “I was feeling sad, but I feel better now” or “That was scary. I’m glad we’re safe.”

“Your child is going to run that ‘mommy tape’ in her head the rest of her life whenever she’s feeling emotional,” says Kathryn Oden, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist at Carson-Tahoe Hospital in Carson City, Nev. “She’s going to learn how to self-soothe from you.” Just dial back the drama if your baby starts to cry or look frightened.

8. Beware of competitive friends.

Not even your mother-in-law can make you doubt yourself as much as that friend whose child does everything first. My friend’s daughter was walking when mine was still not crawling. The competitive friend is always doling out advice on how to get your baby to catch up and pointing out what you’re doing wrong. The best response? “We’re happy with Sam’s development.”

9. Take time for you.

“Taking a mom’s day, hour or 15 minutes is required for good parenting,” psychologist Thomas says. “Parents need balance in their lives. If you don’t have time to replenish your soul and rejuvenate yourself, you’re not going to be at your best for your child. You’re going to be impatient, frustrated and ill-tempered.”

Recharge your batteries with a quick bubble bath, listen to soothing music, do an exercise video. You’ll be a good role model for your child, showing her that taking care of yourself is a priority.

10. Be happy together.

Spend as much undistracted time as you can with your baby, allowing yourself to be in the moment. Seeing your little one conquer a new milestone will remind you of the good job you’re doing.

Different Nesting Doll Varieties That Will Surprise YouDifferent Nesting Doll Varieties That Will Surprise You

Despite the fact that the nesting dolls relatively recently became Russian folk dolls, they became recognized all over the world right away. Elegant girls in Russian folk costumes won the hearts of both adults and children.

In modern stores and museums you can see a variety of dolls. For example, they are available in men’s images (in the form of shepherds, bearded old men, grooms with a mustache), in the form of historical and political figures, in folk costumes of all countries of the world, in professional overalls. Also you need to be aware of what is the record for nesting dolls also.

Nesting dolls for children

Bright wooden dolls are not only original souvenirs and furnishings, but also amazing educational toys. They are important for the aesthetic development of the child, as well as for the development of fine motor skills, sensation, dexterity and coordination, logic and thinking.

Split hollow ruddy nesting dolls are able to cheer and surprise the little boys and girls. Indeed, from one large doll, suddenly new and new pupae appear smaller, even the smallest. This feature allows a good example to acquaint children with such concepts as “big-small”, “more-less”, “the biggest – the smallest”. A bright outfit of toys is a good opportunity to acquaint children with different colors and shades.

Experts recommend that parents buy nesting dolls for children as an aid for the development of an eye meter, fine motor skills, and motor coordination, because assembling and disassembling these toys is not as easy as it seems at first glance, especially combining the pattern on the upper and lower parts of the nested doll.

Toys are the best suited for plot-role-playing games, for improvised theatrical performances. This will have a positive effect on the development of the child’s speech; will help parents lose various social situations with their children.

Russian painted nesting dolls

In Russia, nesting dolls appeared at the end of the 19th century not by chance. During this period, collecting of works of folk art was especially popular. The demand for Russian painted nesting dolls contributed to the emergence of various painting techniques for these original toys.

The Sergiev Posad (Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region) matrioshka dolls determined the shape and style of these wooden dolls. Later, the maydanovskys (the town of Polkhov, the Maidan of the Nizhny Novgorod region) and the Semenov dolls (the town of Semenov of the Nizhny Novgorod region) appeared, which became the most popular and widely known.

Nesting dolls, made in different places, have their own distinctive features. For example, Semenov masters love to make multi-dolls. The main color of the Semenov doll nesting dolls is red (scarlet cheeks and lips, flowers on an apron). Red-blue buds and green leaves complete the pattern. But the main element of the ornament of the Maidan nesting dolls is the rosehip flower. The painting is based on a combination of crimson-red, green and black colors. These Russian beauties turn out more elegant and more “slim”.

They could not, of course, not appear in Russia nesting dolls painted under Khokhloma. In their manufacture using the original technology of gilding wooden products. These pink-cheeked dolls in red sundresses, golden kerchiefs, painted aprons with characteristic berries and blades of grass delight. Such dolls will help to acquaint children with the bright original phenomenon of Russian folk decorative and applied art as Khokhloma.

Nesting dolls painted under Gzhel stand out among the motley crowd of their sisters. Delicate blue patterns on a white background are easy and simple elegance. Such author Russian folk dolls can be both a decoration of the interior, and always a relevant gift to friends and acquaintances, both adults and children of different ages.

Wooden nesting dolls for painting and coloring

In our online store (nestingdolls.co), you can buy wooden nesting dolls for painting and coloring, so start looking for example matryoshka dolls at this site. The child will be able to create his own unique doll using patterns and ornaments of artistic and decorative paintings. For such work, the “Nesting dolls” , “Khokhloma Painting” , “Polkhov-Maidan” Floral Patterns ” art albums , as well as other aids in the“ Art to Children ” series of the Mosaic Synthesis publishing house will be good assistants .

  • A casket with fairy tales “Nesting dolls” from the publishing house Clever will interest children of preschool age. Children will be able to learn about dolls from other countries, paint dolls with dolls, and come up with their images to these all-beloved Russian dolls.
  • Such creative activities will contribute to the development of imagination, creativity and aesthetic taste, as well as help in an exciting way to acquaint children with the traditions of painting these special wooden folk toys.
  • The image of the nesting doll has a special meaning not only in Russian folk art. It can be used to explain, for example, the structure of the universe, human anatomy, family structure.


So, during the project we learned that the nested doll appeared long ago, almost a hundred and twenty years ago. The prototype of the doll was a figure of a Japanese old man Furukum. Molds for nesting dolls were machined on special lathes from dry lime chocks. Before coloring the nesting dolls, it was necessary to first treat it with sandpaper, rub it with liquid paste. We learned that in different places of our big country toys were made in their own way. Therefore, the paintings of nesting dolls were all different.

6 Reasons Why Your Kids Need Onesies In Their Life Right Now6 Reasons Why Your Kids Need Onesies In Their Life Right Now

What are onesie pajamas? Good day. You’ve probably heard what onesies pajamas are, how cool they are. And also that they are very popular at home, where they came up with in Japan. What are onesie pajamas is a costume made in the form of an animal and some kind of cartoon hero and other characters, used mainly by costumed performers. Most of these pajamas are worn on the streets near shopping centers to lure customers, but also Onesies pajamas have become popular with many children.

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What is onesies?

It is possible or to sleep in them at night, for what purposes Onesies pajamas are generally used. In these pajamas you can sleep if you are cold at home, it is very warm. They have become very broadly distributed throughout the country and the world. There are large requests for these pajamas and they are used at the anime party. It became very interesting to use onesies at pajama parties.

For the manufacture of such pajamas is most used material fleece. This material itself is very warm, soft and fluffy. It began to be used first in the manufacture of onesies and it is one of the best materials. This fabric has a lot of useful qualities are good heat retention, does not cause allergies, repels water. It keeps its shape well. Onesies is quite comfortable and practical clothing for physical education, fitness, participation in sports competitions, and for an active lifestyle. The free cut doesn’t hamper sports exercises, so gymnastics is easy and fun. If in this suit to go to workouts in the fitness room, the load will not seem tedious, and the time will fly quickly and interestingly. For sports in the fresh air, onesies is simply indispensable, because in such a suit you can make walks on skis, skating, just have fun going down the hill on a sled. Another unique property of Onesies pajamas is that it is a rather original and stylish fancy dress. If you come to the party in the image of a reasonable Panda, a mischievous Raccoon, or a curious Tiger, then everyone present will definitely pay attention to the bright and interesting character. It became easy and frees to buy such pajamas. To do this, you can visit the online store and choose the necessary pajamas. In order to know more about the unicorn onesies, you may always take the help of the internet.

What do you associate with the word rest?

It is enough to think about this issue and immediately something soft, cozy, gentle and warm appears. This description fits perfectly with the modern Onesies pajamas. Invented in Japan, they quickly spread throughout the world, enjoying great popularity among both children and adults.

And this is quite understandable, because we all in childhood adore watching cartoons, identifying ourselves with their characters. And who would not want at least for a while to turn into a favorite hero? Now you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Onesies pajamas, which can be bought in our store, are perfect for both at home and for an amusing youth party. In any case, you will be warm and comfortable in them.

What is onesies?

The name onesies literally translated from Japanese, means “growth puppet”. And this is true, putting on a onesies, a person feels like a big and soft toy. Not surprisingly, the so-called costumed actors who portrayed characters from cartoons were called that in Japan.

Modern onesies pajamas are not just clothes for sleeping. It is multifunctional and can be used for various purposes. For example, she may well replace ordinary home clothes. Such an outfit is not only comfortable and will warm you well in a cool evening, but also perfectly uplifting.

Agree, to see yourself in the image of a beloved hero or a fairy-tale animal is already ridiculous, which means you can forget about boredom. Also, it is perfect for an original and fun party. Bright, fabulous images will make entertainment even more interesting and exciting.

The best onesies in online store

If you are looking for Onesies pajamas online, then the range of store will really please you. Here you will find a wide selection of different models that will brighten up your stay at home and make you irresistible at a party.

All products depict famous cartoon characters. Everyone can choose their own pajamas and try on the image of their favorite character. We also offer Onesies fans to buy summer pajamas, sweatshirts, robes in the same style and make their lives even brighter and more saturated.

Why is it profitable to buy from us?

Each onesies pajamas presented in our store is a unique, high-quality product that will completely change your view of convenience and comfort.

Due to the variety of models, anyone can choose for themselves the most suitable option. And regardless of whether you decide to make a gift to a child or yourself, you will surely choose a thing for the necessary parameters.

Their prices are very affordable, so you can please yourself or loved ones with great new clothes without compromising your budget. In addition, in our online store regularly holds a variety of promotions and sales that will make the purchase even more profitable.

Bright, comfortable and cute Onesies are at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. Moreover, they are not going to give up their positions. Pajamas came to us from faraway Japan, where people are really fan of anime, cosplay and catchy clothes. The Japanese are not afraid to stand out from the crowd on the contrary, they are eager to emphasize their individuality and personal style. This may be makeup, hair, unusual accessories, shoes or clothing. This is how onesies was born comfortable and bright clothes for the home, which can act as pajamas and in some cases a full-fledged carnival costume that either gives you a smile or a scare much like what you see in carnivals, movies and etc.

Where to buy Onesies?

You can hardly find such goods in the markets, so we recommend visiting the specialized online store Onesies-America. With ease you can transform into a cat, a chipmunk or a dragon from your favorite cartoon, with positive emotions for the whole day.

Why Negative Ion Bracelets A Big Hit In AmericaWhy Negative Ion Bracelets A Big Hit In America

On which hand to wear a fitness bracelet and how to choose the right size? If you still do not know, then this note is for you.The straps for smart bracelets and fitness trackers are made of hypoallergenic silicone, so you can wear gadgets around the clock. Two types of straps, 19 and 24 cm, with a large number of fixing holes conveniently fit on a hand of any size. Thongs of 19 cm are suitable for people with a thin wrist, including children. You should also be aware of the things like do negative ions bracelets works.

If you doubt what size suits you, you can measure your wrist with a centimeter tape or thread, wrapping it around your wrist and then attaching it to the ruler.

It is advisable to wear a bracelet on the “non-leading” hand. This means that right-handers should wear a fitness tracker on their left hand and left-handers on their right. So activity data are considered more accurate.

Grab your very own negative ion bracelets for you or your loved one at braceletworld.co.

The strap together with the capsule weighs only 23 grams, so you will not have to get used to the bracelet for a long time, rather quickly its presence on the hand becomes imperceptible. And the choice of 6 color straps in combination with colorful clasps will allow you to create a bright stylish look.

One of the most popular and beautiful jewelry for the male is considered a bracelet. It can be absolutely anything like classic gold or silver, woven, knitted plastic or fabric. There are a lot of bracelet options today, the choice of the right one depends entirely on the taste and style of its future owner. Some absolutely do not think about the hand on which the man’s bracelet is worn. To others, this question is of fundamental importance. Let’s deal with the hand on which it is customary to wear jewelry to men.

On which hand is it customary to wear a bracelet for men?

Today’s fashion is so free that there are no specific rules on which side to wear jewelry to men. This applies to both bracelets and rings and earrings. However, most men wear a bracelet on the right hand. What is the reason?

Watch and bracelet

Surprisingly, in our age of high achievements and new technologies, offering users a wide range of gadgets and devices that allow you to determine the time, wrist watches have not lost their popularity. Moreover, this accessory, made with high quality and expensive, is able to emphasize the style of its owner, taste and status.

That is why men’s watches are so popular among the representatives of the strong half of humanity. They are considered a valuable gift not only for her beloved husband, but also for her father, brother, and even colleagues.

To wear a bracelet in combination with a wristwatch must be correctly. So it is accepted that the majority of right-handers wear a watch on their left handthis is more convenient, because a massive accessory does not interfere during work or food. In this case, the decoration must be worn on the other handright. This is not an argument because some are more comfortable and more comfortable to wear a watch on their right hand. It all depends entirely on the convenience and desires of men.

Is it worth it to combine a chain with a watch on one hand? Come to this question more thoughtfully. If you already wanted to combine two accessories on one hand, the jewelry should be combined or complement each other. If a man combines a massive watch with a bracelet on one hand, then the latter should be thin and elegant design.

It is worth noting that massive jewelry will not look aesthetically pleasing on men’s hands. On the contrary, to emphasize strength and independence, thin men’s accessories will help to pay attention to beautiful strong hands.

Today, by the way, it is fashionable to combine watches with hippie-style bracelets on thin leather straps, which differ little from each other. Experiment with styles, you may like something new and modern.

What bracelets to prefer?

With the help of a bracelet, a man is able to complement his image, bring interesting touches into it, and emphasize originality, attractiveness and strength. Applying the effect of contrasta thin bracelet on a strong male handits owner will favorably emphasize his sexuality.

That is why men are more thin jewelry. Prefer accessories made from the following materials:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Bones
  • Skin
  • Tree

Men should avoid lightweight jewelry, as well as bracelets made from:

  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Alloys
  • Glass

In this regard, girls have a much wider choice, because absolutely any jewelry will look on women’s hands: from thin delicate chains to massive and numerous bracelets. The main rule in the combination of accessoriesdo not wears silver chains with gold. You can successfully combine other materials based on your taste. Women, as well as men, prefer to wear accessories on their right hand.

There are several reasons for this:

As a rule, women often carry handbags on the right hand, and a bracelet is picked up under it, creating a set. In both women and men, the right hand is more active than the left, it is often in sight, and a beautiful and expensive accessory is exactly what you want to flaunt.

As you know, the type of decoration can determine the nature of its owner, style and features. For example, a gold chain will be chosen by a confident person and trying to be first in everything. The silver jewelry will be to the taste of a rational and stable person, in whose life there are few surprises. A woven or fabric accessory will be chosen by a creative and romantic person who prefers surprises and passionate emotions. A wood ornament will be worn by a courageous and strong man who pays special attention to his style and appearance. The combination of jewelry from different materials on one hand will be enjoyed by a bold and risky nature.

Combining jewelry, you should take into account one rule: observe the measure and sense of style. Then the accessories will look great and complement your image, no matter what hand they are wearing.

Our top 10 charm bracelet picksOur top 10 charm bracelet picks

If you like charm bracelets, you will love our top list. We got all the most popular models here!

Ever since charm bracelets showed up, they’ve been incredibly popular. However, while fashion trends do change every season, these bracelets somehow always stay fashionable and interesting. Some accessories truly are timeless. So, if you’re looking for one that will be perfect for you, check out our top list.

*10. Vintage fairytale charms bracelet

This silver-plated model is the perfect choice for every Alice in Wonderland fan. A little bit retro, a little bit elegant, this is something that will look good on any wrist and in any occasion. With pendants such as a book, a mirror, a teapot, a pen, and a throne, this bracelet will go with any outfit.

*9. Crystal pink glow bracelet

This silver-colored bracelet is filled with soft pink details. Furthermore, each pendant tells its own subtly pink story, making the bracelet a perfect addition to evening wear, or a casual picnic dress. You can change the order of charms the way you see fit, or even add new ones.

*8. Summer owl bracelet

If you want a warm, golden bracelet that will shout “summer vibes”, this is the best choice there is. An owl, a bunch of hearts, and some zirconia make this charm bracelet the perfect summer statement piece.

*7. Stainless steel heart initial charm bracelet

Simple, yet elegant, this bracelet looks great on every wrist. Just choose the first letter of your name, and it will be engraved in the heart charm that dangles from the bracelet. Interesting, personalized, and durable at the same time, this can also be an ideal gift.

*6. Starter bracelet

If you want to build your charm bracelet from scratch and pick each charm based on a significant memory, you will need a bracelet to start with. That’s what this snake chain stainless steel bracelet is for. Furthermore, once you get this, you can start creating your own unique charm bracelet.

*5. Blank bracelet

A good way to start your own charm bracelet. These stainless steel blank bracelets look great, and you can put absolutely any charm you want on them. After all, who knows, maybe that’s a start of your career in jewelry design.

*4. Motivational charm bracelet

If you ever need a reminder that everything you set your mind to is possible, look no further. This gorgeous bracelet comes with a charm that says “She believed she could so she did.” Positive, trendy, and sweet, this is a must-have accessory.

*3. Multilayer love charm bracelet

When you’re in love, and you want the world to know it, don’t just shout it off the rooftops! Wear clothing and jewelry that say it. Wear jewelry like this love charm bracelet that is full of symbols of love.

*2. Positive vibes charm bracelet

Hearts, smileys, and flowers – finally, what is better to show off your great mood? This gold-tone charm bracelet is creative, interesting, and fashionable. Furthermore, it’s a piece that has to be in your jewelry box.

*1. Fantasy charm bracelet

If you always wanted unicorns, stars, and four-leaf clovers, then this is your lucky day. This bracelet comes with all those charms, as well as many other interesting ones. After all, those details will show off your fantastic side.