Different Nesting Doll Varieties That Will Surprise You

By | May 31, 2019

Despite the fact that the nesting dolls relatively recently became Russian folk dolls, they became recognized all over the world right away. Elegant girls in Russian folk costumes won the hearts of both adults and children.

In modern stores and museums you can see a variety of dolls. For example, they are available in men’s images (in the form of shepherds, bearded old men, grooms with a mustache), in the form of historical and political figures, in folk costumes of all countries of the world, in professional overalls. Also you need to be aware of what is the record for nesting dolls also.

Nesting dolls for children

Bright wooden dolls are not only original souvenirs and furnishings, but also amazing educational toys. They are important for the aesthetic development of the child, as well as for the development of fine motor skills, sensation, dexterity and coordination, logic and thinking.

Split hollow ruddy nesting dolls are able to cheer and surprise the little boys and girls. Indeed, from one large doll, suddenly new and new pupae appear smaller, even the smallest. This feature allows a good example to acquaint children with such concepts as “big-small”, “more-less”, “the biggest – the smallest”. A bright outfit of toys is a good opportunity to acquaint children with different colors and shades.

Experts recommend that parents buy nesting dolls for children as an aid for the development of an eye meter, fine motor skills, and motor coordination, because assembling and disassembling these toys is not as easy as it seems at first glance, especially combining the pattern on the upper and lower parts of the nested doll.

Toys are the best suited for plot-role-playing games, for improvised theatrical performances. This will have a positive effect on the development of the child’s speech; will help parents lose various social situations with their children.

Russian painted nesting dolls

In Russia, nesting dolls appeared at the end of the 19th century not by chance. During this period, collecting of works of folk art was especially popular. The demand for Russian painted nesting dolls contributed to the emergence of various painting techniques for these original toys.

The Sergiev Posad (Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region) matrioshka dolls determined the shape and style of these wooden dolls. Later, the maydanovskys (the town of Polkhov, the Maidan of the Nizhny Novgorod region) and the Semenov dolls (the town of Semenov of the Nizhny Novgorod region) appeared, which became the most popular and widely known.

Nesting dolls, made in different places, have their own distinctive features. For example, Semenov masters love to make multi-dolls. The main color of the Semenov doll nesting dolls is red (scarlet cheeks and lips, flowers on an apron). Red-blue buds and green leaves complete the pattern. But the main element of the ornament of the Maidan nesting dolls is the rosehip flower. The painting is based on a combination of crimson-red, green and black colors. These Russian beauties turn out more elegant and more “slim”.

They could not, of course, not appear in Russia nesting dolls painted under Khokhloma. In their manufacture using the original technology of gilding wooden products. These pink-cheeked dolls in red sundresses, golden kerchiefs, painted aprons with characteristic berries and blades of grass delight. Such dolls will help to acquaint children with the bright original phenomenon of Russian folk decorative and applied art as Khokhloma.

Nesting dolls painted under Gzhel stand out among the motley crowd of their sisters. Delicate blue patterns on a white background are easy and simple elegance. Such author Russian folk dolls can be both a decoration of the interior, and always a relevant gift to friends and acquaintances, both adults and children of different ages.

Wooden nesting dolls for painting and coloring

In our online store (nestingdolls.co), you can buy wooden nesting dolls for painting and coloring, so start looking for example matryoshka dolls at this site. The child will be able to create his own unique doll using patterns and ornaments of artistic and decorative paintings. For such work, the “Nesting dolls” , “Khokhloma Painting” , “Polkhov-Maidan” Floral Patterns ” art albums , as well as other aids in the“ Art to Children ” series of the Mosaic Synthesis publishing house will be good assistants .

  • A casket with fairy tales “Nesting dolls” from the publishing house Clever will interest children of preschool age. Children will be able to learn about dolls from other countries, paint dolls with dolls, and come up with their images to these all-beloved Russian dolls.
  • Such creative activities will contribute to the development of imagination, creativity and aesthetic taste, as well as help in an exciting way to acquaint children with the traditions of painting these special wooden folk toys.
  • The image of the nesting doll has a special meaning not only in Russian folk art. It can be used to explain, for example, the structure of the universe, human anatomy, family structure.


So, during the project we learned that the nested doll appeared long ago, almost a hundred and twenty years ago. The prototype of the doll was a figure of a Japanese old man Furukum. Molds for nesting dolls were machined on special lathes from dry lime chocks. Before coloring the nesting dolls, it was necessary to first treat it with sandpaper, rub it with liquid paste. We learned that in different places of our big country toys were made in their own way. Therefore, the paintings of nesting dolls were all different.